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How To Tell If You Need Brake Service & Repairs

The brake system in our cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks is what protects us on the road. The slightest change in brake performance can put you at risk of a collision. That is why the team at Tim’s Automotive Repair and Sales always stresses the importance of regular brake inspections. Read on to learn more about the braking system and how to tell if your car needs brake services or repairs.

Most service brakes or primary brakes are hydraulic systems, which are operated using a fluid. The pressure of that fluid gets pushed to trigger a series of events to slow down and stop your wheels from turning. Depending on whether your vehicle has disc brakes or drum brakes, the parts could vary. For example, disc brakes have brake pads, and drum brakes have brake shoes. As your vehicle puts on miles, your brake components will wear down and require servicing. To stay on top of your brakes’ condition, we recommend having your brakes checked annually or bi-annually.

How to Tell If You Need Brake Service & Repairs

Squeaking or Squealing Noises:If you constantly hear squeaks and squeals when applying pressure to your brake pedal, it usually means that your brakes have worn thin and need replacing.

Deep Grinding Metal Sound:Brake pads tend to have wear indicators that are metal ridges, and they grind on other metal parts of your car when they have worn down. Think of this sound as a warning to replace your brakes soon.

Vibrating Brake Pedal:If your vehicle shakes only when you press on the brake pedal, there’s no doubt that something is wrong with your brakes. We can’t know for certain what components are affected until an inspection is done.

Soft or Spongy Brake Pedal:A soft or spongy brake pedal almost always indicates a problem with your brake fluid. Your brake fluid may be leaking, low, or have air in its lines. Whatever the case may be, you will require brake bleeding or a brake fluid change.

Brake System Warning Light Comes On:In some vehicles, a sensor will tell your car’s computer to let you know when your vehicle has worn brakes. It will usually show up on your dashboard in the form of a light or message.

If you’re experiencing any brake troubles, please call or visit our auto repair shop as soon as possible. We will perform a complete inspection of the brake system to pinpoint your braking issues and work quickly to restore your brakes. Have confidence that the team at Tim’s Automotive Repair and Sales in Clackamas, OR can find the solution to all your brake needs.