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Signs of Worn Steering and Suspension

The vehicle's steering and suspension systems are responsible for making your drives stable, comfortable, and safe. If you notice a bumpy or shaky ride, it is almost always linked to one of its components. You need to have your steering and suspension checked and not let red flags go amiss. More importantly, you should never put off a minor steering or suspension issue as they can progress.

Background Info on Steering & Suspension

The steering and suspension systems are part of an extensive system all enclosed by the chassis. These two systems work hand-in-hand to give you control and proper handling to move your vehicle in a safe way. The steering wheel is controlled through the steering gear, the steering linkage, and the steering arm. So, all you have to do is move the steering wheel to turn your tires/wheels. On the other hand, the suspension system consists of shocks, struts, coil springs, and more. These parts keep your vehicle stable by absorbing road impact and supporting the weight of your vehicle.

The majority of steering and suspension components are made of rubber or metal, meaning they are susceptible to wear and tear over time. To keep your vehicle safe on the road over the years, you should regularly inspect some of these parts. At our auto repair shop, our professional technicians can inspect everything from tie rods and ball joints to shocks and struts.

What Are the Signs of Worn Steering & Suspension Components?

If you notice any of the following symptoms, there may be a problem with your vehicle’s steering and suspension system:

  • Bouncing excessively after driving over bumps
  • Difficulty steering
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Shaky vehicle
  • Vehicle nose dives while braking
  • Vehicle pulling left or right
  • Fluid leaks

If you are experiencing any of these signs above, please visit the experts at Tim’s Automotive Repair. Be sure to note anything strange or different about your vehicle and relay this information to our staff during your visit. These symptoms will help point us in the right direction to diagnose and repair your vehicle accurately.

Common Steering & Suspension Services & Repairs

  • Shocks & Struts Replacement
  • Coil Spring Service
  • Ball Joint Replacement
  • Power Steering Fluid Service/Flush
  • … & More!

Steering & Suspension Repairs in Clackamas, OR

For all your steering and suspension system needs, including inspections, we invite you to bring your vehicle to the experts at Tim’s Automotive Repair for an inspection today!