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Alimony, child support or separate maintenance in come need to be revealed if you do not with to have it considered as a basis for reapying this obligation. Alimony, child support sep maintenance received under Court Order Written Agreement Oral Understanding

Other Income: Pensions , Social Sec Etc.

Everything that i have stated in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that you will retain this application and any other credit information you receive whether or not it is approved. You are authorized to check my credit and employment history and to answer questions about your credit experience with me.I authorize any person or consumer reporting agency to complete and funrish to you any inforation it may have or obtain in response to your credit inquires.

The undersigned hereby certify that the information contained on this application and financial statement is true and complete warrant that we have no debts, financial obligations or liabilities not stated hereon, recognize the penalties and defenses resulting from giving a false statement of financial condition, recognize that the giving of false information hereon may be illegal and fraudulent , and may be the basis for denying a discharge in bankruptcy. I further state that I im not contemplating a bankruptcy action at the present time and that i have no unpaid judgements or executions or pending legal proceeding against me.

For the purpose of obtaining credit i affirm that the above statement is true, complete and correct. You or any assigned or potential assignee or any agency employed by that result of such investigation or your experience with my account.